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Wood Deck Power Washing

Deck Maintenance Experts

Midlothian Power Washing knows the ins and outs of pressure washing, so our contractors are able to provide solutions for a wide variety of home and commercial projects. We have the tools, cleaning agents, and experience to clean all kinds of surfaces around your home, taking care to efficiently clean them while causing no damage.

If your deck is looking worn down and stained, power washing can reveal the beauty underneath. Or, if you want to reseal or stain it to help extend its life, power washing is an essential first step before further maintenance.

We Offer Both Cleaning and Sealing

When properly maintained, your deck won’t bend, warp, or have painful splinters. Making sure not to pressure wash with too high of a jet stream, and use gentle chemicals is important for the life of your deck. Resealing your deck helps improve the wood to be able to withstand the elements. Decks are important outdoor spaces. That is why we are proud to offer quality care for backyard decks, pool decks, and patios throughout Midlothian, VA. Our services include:

Our experienced estimator will discuss your home project and provide a quote on cleaning and restoring your deck. If you’re not sure if your deck needs sealing or just a good clean, we are happy to advise! We are fully-licensed and insured, and have decades of experience pressure washing all kinds of properties. We look forward to answering any power washing, deck cleaning, and refinishing questions you have!

Benefits of Power Washing Your Deck

Cleaning your deck not only saves time from trying to clean it by hand, but it is also far more effective. Water and cleaning agents efficiently remove algae, dirt, and stains from wood decks. Our contractor makes sure to use the correct pressure to prevent etching the wood and takes steps to prevent harm to surrounding plants. 

Washing your deck restores it to its original state – clean wood that looks great and can withstand all kinds of weather. If you also want to stain or seal your deck, power washing is an essential first step.

Sealing Decks

Refinishing your deck with stain or sealant has several advantages. It helps extend its life, boosts its visual appeal, and prevents problems like splinters and warping. Deck sealant nourishes the wood and provides vital oils. It also provides a barrier from UV rays, and makes the surface of your deck smoother. When your deck is smooth, not only does it feel nicer on your feet, but it also helps prevent dirt from building up and algae from latching on and growing.

We offer premier deck maintenance for homes in the Midlothian area. If you need your backyard or pool deck cleaned, give us a call today!

Deck Maintenance Services

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Backyard Decks

Backyard decks are a great place to host a gathering, sit outside, and enjoy the outdoors. Keeping it in good condition extends its life and prevents dangerous issues like splinters and slippery surfaces. Our experienced contractors offer both cleaning and resealing.

Pool Decks

If your pool deck has mildew or algae growing on it, it can become slippery when wet. Power washing your deck will remove this growth and help prevent it from regrowing. It will also restore its natural beauty by removing all the buildup that had settled on the surface.