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Soft Washing for Houses

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Midlothian Power Washing is a top contractor serving Midlothian, VA and the surrounding areas. Our highly-experienced team has been offering soft pressure washing for siding and roofs for decades. Using our eye for detail, professional customer service, and affordable pricing, our company has become a trusted source for power washing in the Midlothian area.

Services Our Company Provides

Soft washing is a low-pressure way of cleaning your house with lots of water and gentle cleaning agents that efficiently remove built up mold, algae, dirt, and grime. We use cleaning formulas that won’t damage foliage around your house. Call us for a free quote on all your pressure washing needs! Our services include:

We offer no-hassle, no-obligation estimates on all of our services. This way you can easily compare quotes with no stress. Our soft power-washing professionals look forward to hearing from you and discussing your upcoming home improvement projects!

Benefits of Cleaning Your House

If your house hasn’t been washed in a while, you have probably noticed some areas are looking noticeably dirty. Often, algae growth is most evident on the shady side of your house. Dirt that has been kicked up by rains can also adhere to siding. Depending on what kind of trees are around your house, you may also have sap or other deposits on your house. The soffit on your home’s eaves are also prone to getting dirty and looking unsightly.

Washing your house will boost curb appeal, and make it look nice. This is the most easy-to-observe benefit to getting your house professional power-washed. Removing the grime on your house also prevents it from damaging the siding by eating into the paint or causing stains.

After a house is power washed it also makes it easier to inspect. You can see imperfections and areas of wear that may have been obscured under the dirt. If you want to paint your house, it’s essential to start with a blank canvas and our pressure washing will do just that.

Overall, getting your house cleaned with our professional, careful, and gentle soft-washing is an excellent investment. Not only will it boost curb appeal, it will also keep your home’s exterior in good condition for years to come. Reach out to us for a free, affordable quote today!

Residential Pressure Washing Services


Using the wrong kind of pressure when cleaning siding can cause cracking, damage, or leaks. That’s why our contractors always soft-wash houses. It is effective at cleaning your house and washing away grime and stains while preventing damage to house siding. Soft pressure washing is an effective and eco-friendly way of restoring your home’s beauty.


Soft wash is not only good for vinyl siding, it is also good for roofs! Using this method on roofs, we can remove green moss without damaging shingles. Green moss that is allowed to grow can cause leaks and roof damage. Moss absorbs water, keeping water close to shingles that would otherwise dry out. Also, as moss literally grows, it can pry apart shingles allowing water infiltration. Our soft-power washing removes this moss, gently preventing further damage.

Driveways and Decks

Cleaning your home’s exterior surfaces leaves it glowing and looking amazing. We offer pressure washing for backyard decks, pool decks, driveways, and sidewalks. Whether you have asphalt, concrete, brickwork, or stone, we clean it all. Removing the build up of dirt, grime and algae can reduce the chance of slipping and also helps remove weeds from growing in cracks. We also offer stain removal for all surfaces.